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Patients with chronic medical conditions eg: diabetes; are eligible for bulk-billed visits to allied health practitioners. These visits are a government incentive via the Medicare scheme called a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMC) or and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program. These are available through your GP, with a referral needed to be completed before your first podiatry visit. This referral allows a total of 5 visits per calendar year and is valid for 12 months. Medicare visits will be bulk billed at Footwise Podiatry – however, exceeding the visits per calendar year, standard clinic feels will apply.

Visit your local GP to see if you are eligible for an EPC referral.


We accept the following payment methods:

  • Bankcard
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Cheque
  • Cash


If you have a gold card and are covered by DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) you will need a DVA referral (D904) from your GP before you can see the podiatrist. Some patients may be eligible for ongoing podiatry care at no cost to the individual – whether it be home visits or clinic visits. The patient may also be entitled to DVA approved medical grade footwear if relevant documents are approved by DVA.



Most private health insurance companies will offer at least a partial coverage of allied health consultations, including podiatry consultations.

The level of cover that you can claim will depend on the insurance policy you have chosen with your health fund, as different policies have different levels of cover, ranging from complete cover, to partial cover with a gap payment, to no cover.




We also conveniently provide HICAPS so your private health insurance be claimed here – on the spot. With HICAPS, you no longer have to make a trip to your health fund branch to lodge a claim. It’s a quick and easy electronic health claims system with a great convenience to patients.


Please let us have all required information, so we can assist you better.


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